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Redefining the Music Industry for The Artists You Love


Reinventing Filmmaking to Change Entertainment

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How This is Different From Reward Crowdfunding

Supporters Finally Get An Ownership Stake

Equity Ownership

Investors can purchase real ownership stakes in a film, album, company, or project

Real Partnership

Fans become partners in a creator's journey as they become co-owners and partners in their venture

Potential Returns

Investments are risky and returns are never guaranteed, but if the project is successful there is a potential for returns


Active Offerings

Invest in things you actually care about

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Sample Music Project

Sample Music Album LLCBurbank, CA, USA
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Sample Film Project

Sample Film Project LLCBurbank, CA, USA

Investing in startups and other private companies is highly speculative and could result in the complete loss of the investment. In addition, you will not be able to resell securities acquired through Crowdfunding for a period of one year, subject to certain limited exceptions, including sales back to the issuer, to accredited investors, to family members under certain circumstances (i.e. death or divorce). However, even after the restricted period, there is no guarantee that there will be a market for the securities.


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