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On May 16, 2016, regulatory reforms became effective that permitted everyday investors and not just the wealthy to invest in private companies raising capital under the provisions of Title III of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012. Securities-based crowdfunding is an exciting opportunity for all investors to invest in new ventures. However, investing in early stage companies and private securities (securities not registered with the SEC) exposes investors to increased risks of loss of their entire investment amount. Investing in startups is highly speculative since new ventures have a high probability of failure. Because of the risks involved with securities-based crowdfunding, you are limited in how much you can invest during any 12-month period and are required to review certain educational materials to learn about the investment process, limitations and risks before you invest.


This section aims to educate you, the investor, what the process will be before you choose to invest in a Company, the requirements for investing, and the risks that come with investing in an equity crowdfunding offering.    


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Part 1: The Basics of Investing

Part 2: Risks of Investing in Equity Crowdfunding

Part 3: What You Should Do Before Investing

Part 4: How Much You Can Invest

Part 5: Restrictions on Transferring Your Security and Exit Strategy

Part 6: The Investment Process (Entering Your Investment On the Stampede Portal)

Investor FAQ

Do I have to be a US citizen to invest?

No, anyone over 18 can invest on Stampede. Investors from outside of the US should check their local laws for any restrictions before subscribing to any offering posted on Stampede.

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

How much can I invest?

How do I calculate my net worth?

If I invest in a company and it fails to reach its funding goal, will my funds be refunded?

What are my options for cancelling my investment? 

How does investing in an album work?

How does investing in a tour work?

When will I see a return on my investment?

Can I sell my shares?

Is investing in startups risky?

After an offering closes, does Stampede maintain an ongoing relationship with each issuer?

If an offering is posted on Stampede, does that mean that you recommend that I invest and that you think it will succeed?

What is a Legend?

What is an Influencer?

Issuer FAQ

What fees does Stampede charge?

Stampede CFP LLC charges the following fees for services it provides in connection with the crowdfund offerings posted on the funding portal:

(i) 5% of the gross proceeds (total amount raised) of each offering payable in cash (referenced in the Form C/Offering Documents, and

(ii) negotiable percent of securities offered in such offering (referenced in form C/Offering Documents). All fees are payable at each closing by the issuer.  

Are there any additional costs to raising money on Stampede?

Other costs to think about?

What is the maximum amount my company can raise under Regulation Crowdfunding?

What is the application process to post my offering on Stampede?

What happens if my offering reaches its deadline?


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