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Real Equity Ownership

Actually own a stake in the project

Your financial support isn't a donation, nor is it a handout. When you support a project with your investment, you become a partner with a real equity stake in the project.


Be a real partner in a real project 

Don’t just be a supporter; become a partner. Be an active part of your favorite musical artist's or filmmaker’s next project. If you know someone is going to be successful, why not join them in pursuing a project that you believe in?



We want to create an experience that speaks to you  

At Stampede Live, we want to give you access to meaningful deals. By limiting deals on Stampede Live to the music and film industries, we hope to promote an engaged and interactive community with common values and shared interests. We want to focus on industries that have strong potential investment values, while still being fun and engaging.


The Democratization of Finance

We want to return the power of decision making back to the people. Before May 16, 2016, the average American had very few opportunities to participate in private investments. However, with the creation of equity crowdfunding regulations and portals, this has completely changed. For the first time, an unlimited number of unaccredited investors can decide if an idea has merit and a company is worthy of an investment. Everybody can invest in America's financial future. It’s about damn time.



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